Sprocket Diner

This 20 x 25 lot has a neato 1950’s diner on it.  No third party cc, but has store items.  I have all expansions except for Katy Perry and Diesel.


Lucky Palms Julia Pier

The Julia Pier was made to fit down the middle of the pier area in Lucky Palms.  Create a 10 x 64 lot and zone it for community.  It is currently set as a hangout, but you can change it to visitors welcome or small park if you want a wider range of sims to visit.  To make a lot of your own size you either need Awesomemod installed or this neat little hack from MTS.   Download here.


Lucky Palms The Par 10 Poolside Club

The 40 x 40 Par 10 Poolside Club was made to fit into the golf course area of Lucky Palms.  You will have to rezone the lot to community to place it.  You may prefer to rezone the lot to a pool if you want to use it during the day.  Has 2 late night bars, a karaoke machine and a DJ Booth.  Download Here.


Lucky Palms Spanish Colonial

This 40 x 40 lot was made to fill in the empty space with the Spanish Colonial Lots of Lucky Palms.  It has 3 BR and 2 BA and lots of outdoor space.  Mostly unfurnished.  No third party cc.  Download here.


Lucky Palms Various Edited Community Lots

I have been editing the Lucky Palms EA made community Lots to use Late night and Showtime stuff.  Here they are:

Blooming Cactus Coffeehouse.

The Bistro Venue made over into a Showtime Coffeehouse venue.  Download Here.


The Rest Stop Diner. 

I moved the Lucky Palms Diner to a 20 x 35 lot which I added to the cloverleaf at the double highway.  I also did some external decorating.  I added a gas station across the way which I downloaded from MTS.  (Divine, pictured here, can also be downloaded from MTS).  Download Diner Here.


Big Park Venue.  I’m sure I’m not the only one to remake the park in the shoddy area of town into a Big Park Venue.  I added dressing rooms and a bit of landscaping.   Download Here.



Lucky Palms Anastasia’s Junkyard

This 20 x 15 commercial lot was made to go in the small lot near the military base in Lucky Palms.  You will have to rezone it  as a community lot.  If you want to keep the residential lot that is already there you should be able to find lots of room for a 20 x 15 lot somewhere in the map.  Download Here.


Long Island Suburban Family

In case you want it, here is the 1970’s version of my family (2 adults, 2 kids) to go along with the Suburban Dreamhouse.  The family might not have been a perfect one, but it was good enough for us. Made with Base Game Only stuff.  You can see us in the pics in this postDownload us Here.

Long Island Suburban Dreamhouse

This 50 x 50 residential lot has 4 BR and 2 BA.  It is based on the home I grew up in on Long Island in the 1960’s and 70’s.  It has no third Party cc, but may contain Store items.  I have all expansions except for Katy Perry and Diesel.  Download Here.