Now for Something Completely Different

I wanted to try building modern, but the closest I could get was this contemporary Spanish Colonial. 3 BR; 3 BA; Great Room; formal LR; Laundry and outdoor pool area. Bonus upstairs balcony off the master suite. Bar upstairs and downstairs because your sim is going to need to it when they get the bills for this place. Lot is residential, no third party cc. May contain store stuff. I have all EPs and XPs.

I should note I made this lot for a challenge at the EA forum, build a lot and get a donation made to the charity of your choice:

Sims3pack here
Package file here

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 1

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 2

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 3

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 4

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 5

The “Decorate and Landscape my Sim House” Festival!

I am trying to buy a house.  So I thought, what does a postmodern girl do at a time like this?  Of course! She invites her internet friends to a “Decorate and Landscape my Sim House” Festival!

So, I went in game, built my house and packaged it up for you to download 🙂

This little Cape Cod is built to be as close as possible to the house I am about to move into.

Now, while I love building and decorating in the Sims, in real life I have terrible taste.

Please help me decorate my home by decorating and landscaping this lot and sharing your pictures with me in this thread!

All participants will receive a small gift from me in return, either an item from the store or a custom lot that you’ve been dying to have but don’t have the patience to make yourself. Or an Internet Hug if you own everything and need nothing for your world.

(Or, I guess I could offer a free sociology lecture if your into that kind of thing)

The Rules:  Decorate and Landscape the Lot in any way, but don’t move or recolor anything that is already placed (except for the lights which are only there so you can see what you are doing :lol ).  You can paint or wallpaper the interior walls, but not the floors or the exterior.  No moving or changing the windows and doors.  You can use cc or no cc, whatever you like.  Post pics in this thread at the forum I hang out at, Neighborhood 99.  You can link to the lot if you want to make it available for download (but that is not required).

My friend Rose asked for some more guidance as to who will be living there. It is me and Hubby and 3 cats. We definitely need an office. The third room can be whatever you feel like making, but we will probably make it a guest room. Good luck finding room for the litter boxes You can just stick them outside if you need to.

Sim-Karen: Good, Friendly, Bookworm, Over-Emotional, Genius
Sim-Rodouane: Charismatic, Ambitious, Athletic, Cat Lover, Absent-Minded

Submit by April 30 (my estimated closing date) if you want a material gift.

Here is the lot as a sims3pack
Here is the lot as a package file

Here are some pics of the basic house:



This Old Colonial

I made this lot for a really wonderful woman named Brenda at N99. She is a really caring person who I admire for how gentle and accepting she is. This Old Colonial is a big house for a big family, it has everything they need to have fun at home including outdoor eating and playing, 4 BR 5 BA, Living room, Dining room and Family room. The older kids got to decorate their own rooms, so there is that 🙂

30X30. No cc. I have all the EPs and Stuff Packs. Contains some store stuff.

Download Sims3pack Here
Download package file Here

Steampunk Fairies: 2 lots and a sim

My good friend Slip at N99 was cool enough to add a sim of me to her neighborhood. Being the crazy lady she is, she made me a steampunk fairy and then challenged me to build a lot for myself and my potential future steampunk fairy family.

So I made this 30 x 30 lot that sleeps 2 adult, 1 child and 1 toddler fairy.

Although rare, the fairy inventor who dreams of a steampunk past/future does exist. And this is the perfect home for her. With 2 and half baths, indoor and outdoor eating, a full garden and a nice workbench your steampunk fairy will thrive.

Download Sims3pack here or package file here

So that I wouldn’t be the only one of my kind, I made another steampunk fairy, Eleanor Clumberbatty and a smaller house for her.

Eleanor Clumberbatty sims3pack here or package file here

Smaller Steampunk Fairy Lot sims3pack here or package file here