Mauresque: Art Deco Moroccan

In the 1920’s, a bunch of French inspired Art Deco buildings were built in Casablanca. The incorporated Moroccan architectural elements. This is my tribute to the Mauresque style. The lot is 20 x 30; 2 BR and 2 BA. Built for the beach in Roaring Heights.
Download Here

Ecclectic Dutch Colonial

This is the first lot I have made in forever. It was for a challenge at Miss Crumplebottom’s Attic to build a house for a family of 4 with at least 1 child. So I made a house that fits nicely in Friendship Cove. It is a Dutch Colonial with 2 BR and 2 BA. Here it is.

Coastal Living Challenge House

I made this house for the coastal Living Challenge at N99. The challenge is to remake any EA house in an open, easy coastal style.

The contest is still open if anyone is interested Check Here.
There is a great participation prize set made by Sandy at ATS.

I chose a house from Riverview to remake — the Toy Dachshund. I liked that it had a such a large side yard for entertaining.
I decided not to change the outside walls, but I did change everything else, and I added a deck on top of what used to be the garage.
30×20 lot. Uses Store Stuff and I have all EPs and SPs.

You can download it here..

Nesse Lochlan Sim and Lot Makeover

I am so loving Dragon Valley that I have actually been playing instead of building! Well, I should say, playing more than I usually do. So I made-over Nesse Lochlan and her lovely little cottage. Who can resist a Sim devoted to finding the Sim-Lochness Monster? As usual, no cc but there is store stuff. I have all EP’s and SP’s.

Here is just Nesse
Here is just The Lot
Here is Nesse in the Lot

Upscale Multi-Generation Beach House

This 4 BR, 3 BA Beach house has room for a multi-generational family. The exact composition of the family is up to you! It is a 20 x30 lot, made for the rear to face the beach, and uses no store content. I have all EP’s and SP’s.

Download on the Exchange

Ares’ House of Dragons

My friend Ares at N99 pointed out that there were not enough large residential lots for multiple dragon owning Sims to live together with room to fly their dragons properly. Of course that had to be remedied, Dragon owners need roommates too! So this 40 x 40 lot has 4 BR, 4 BA and tons of stuff to do. Plenty of outdoor flying room…

Here is the Sims3pack

And here are tons of pics. Notice each bedroom is decorated for a specific dragon — red, purple, green and black 🙂

Oak Island Beach House

MizzRoseBud at N99 is building a great new medium sized world with lots of beaches. It will be perfect for Island Adventures! So, I have built a beach house just for her world, Oak Island. This 2 BR 3 BA house has a huge open living room for entertaining and lots of outdoor space and activities. I have all EP’s and SP’s, but there is no Store stuff on this lot.

Download Sims3pack Here

1968 Split Level

Laurie at N99 requested a Sims version of her Grandparent’s house that they bought in 1968. She has fond memories of sleeping in the basement. I’ve decorated in late 60’s style to go with the vibe of it all. It was lots of fun. We had some close family friends when I was a kid who had basically this same house! Oh to have those salaries back again! This lot is 40 x 40 3-4 BR 3 BA, basement rec room, 2 car garage. I have all EP’s and SP’s and the lot uses store stuff.

Download Sims3pack Here

The Horse Shaped Pool Lot

A friend at N99 (icftldu) had a lot with a horse shaped pool, and she requested a smaller version of the lot with a stable and a country style ranch house. I bring you the Horsey Lot! It is 50 x 50, I have all EPs and I did use Store stuff.

Download Sims3pack here

I went a little overboard on the pics for this one, but it reminded me of good old summer days with family in rural Indiana…

This Old Farmhouse

EA gave us the chicken coop, so I had to make a farmhouse to put it on!  I am so owned by that corporation, its terribly shameful.  But there is a nice farm couple to live there too:  Dick and Bobby Brown are Eco-friendly, Animal Loving, Vegetarian Farmers:  The Brown Boys (EA apparently has forgotten that the name Dick is a name and has hidden the offensive letters from you).  Here is the Lot as a Sims3pack and as a package file.  30 x 30, 3 BR, 3 BA, Big eat in kitchen, giant garden, chicken coop and attic.


This Old Farmhouse (1)

This Old Farmhouse (2)

This Old Farmhouse (3)

This Old Farmhouse (4)

This Old Farmhouse (5)

This Old Farmhouse (6)

This Old Farmhouse (7)

This Old Farmhouse (8)

This Old Farmhouse (9)

This Old Farmhouse (10)

This Old Farmhouse (11)

This Old Farmhouse (12)

This Old Farmhouse (13)

This Old Farmhouse (14)

This Old Farmhouse (15)

This Old Farmhouse (16)

This Old Farmhouse (17)

This Old Farmhouse (18)

This Old Farmhouse (19)

This Old Farmhouse (20)

This Old Farmhouse (21)

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