Renovations for Midnight Hollow

I’ve been tinkering around with Midnight Hollow and I thought I’d share. These aren’t full builds, just edits of EA lots. Midnight Hollow has great buildings.

Here is the “For Lease” Lot with a bunch of gothic stuff for sale. I barely changed anything except to put stuff on the sale shelves, etc so I didn’t take pictures.

Here is the “For Rent” lot from Midnight Hollow made over into a Miss Kitty’s House of Gadgets, a steampunk store. I did more decorating in the lot.

And finally, a more extensive remake of the Gloomy Garden. I liked the ruined tower and wall of the garden, so I kept them, but added plants from all EP’s (except mushrooms), a Wedding Spot, some bathrooms, and a fire pit. (This one is on Box net for now).

I use store stuff and have all EP’s. Anything you do not have in your game will be replaced with base game items if you install it.

Friendship Cove Lite

I present to you, Friendship Cove Lite Using only Community lots and rabbitholes from the Basegame, WA and AMB. I can’t guarantee that all the buildings will look okay, some may use objects, windows, etc from other EPs. But, you can always delete any lots that don’t meet your standards. Here it is on the Exchange and here it is on boxnet.

Friendship Cove Fixed

I am so sorry for the broken Dive Lots and Backlot. Its all fixed now. Plus there were a few little things that needed to be beautified.

Friendship Cove (26)

SO here are the good files:

On the Exchange

From Boxnet

Cheezy’s Mountain Home

Made for my friend Cheezy at Simset Boulevard, this little mountain house is just a shell.  You can turn it into a 2-4 bedroom house depending on what kinds of rooms you want 🙂

Download Here