Mauresque: Art Deco Moroccan

In the 1920’s, a bunch of French inspired Art Deco buildings were built in Casablanca. The incorporated Moroccan architectural elements. This is my tribute to the Mauresque style. The lot is 20 x 30; 2 BR and 2 BA. Built for the beach in Roaring Heights.
Download Here

Machine Age Theater and Casino

I always liked that green and grey Art Deco lounge EA included with Late Night, so when we go the new Art Deco Theater Set, I decided to make me a big Art Deco Theater. I also needed a Casino on smaller lot, so here it is, the Machine Age Theater and Casino on a 20 x 30 lot. I have all EPs and SPs and the lot contains store stuff from the Casino Collections and the Art Deco Collections.

Here it is on the exchange
And it is also here Both are sims3packs