Hello! Its been a while. Just pictures today.

So, I have been mad busy with THINGS and have not had nearly enough time to play with my Sims or build lots.

But I did just finish a lot requested by Val. It is a city block for Bridgeport with a fancy restaurant and a coffee shop next door. The corner building has been left empty to accommodate… whatever Val desires.

For now just pics. It uses cc from ATS, Awesims and Mangosims (3 AMAZINGLY talented makers of stuff)

Cafe Cove

I made this 30 x 20 Coffee Shop for the beachy among us, especially Julia at N99. I think it came out so cute. There are 2 details in the pics that will not be the same in the downloaded lot: (1) The surfboard by the front door was removed; and (2) the pattern on the wicker sofas out back is a bit different. The Hawaiian pattern and the surfboard are both objects from a free giveaway on the EA UK site. I got my version from MATY so they don’t package correctly into the lot. But they don’t make a huge difference to the cute factor.

Download sims3pack here