Ecclectic Dutch Colonial

This is the first lot I have made in forever. It was for a challenge at Miss Crumplebottom’s Attic to build a house for a family of 4 with at least 1 child. So I made a house that fits nicely in Friendship Cove. It is a Dutch Colonial with 2 BR and 2 BA. Here it is.

The Derby Restaurant

More Friendship Cove goodness. This 30 x 30 lots uses the Bistro Set from the Store to make a colonial style restaurant for FC. I have all EPs. No third party cc.

Download from the Exchange

This Old Colonial

I made this lot for a really wonderful woman named Brenda at N99. She is a really caring person who I admire for how gentle and accepting she is. This Old Colonial is a big house for a big family, it has everything they need to have fun at home including outdoor eating and playing, 4 BR 5 BA, Living room, Dining room and Family room. The older kids got to decorate their own rooms, so there is that 🙂

30X30. No cc. I have all the EPs and Stuff Packs. Contains some store stuff.

Download Sims3pack Here
Download package file Here