Hello! Its been a while. Just pictures today.

So, I have been mad busy with THINGS and have not had nearly enough time to play with my Sims or build lots.

But I did just finish a lot requested by Val. It is a city block for Bridgeport with a fancy restaurant and a coffee shop next door. The corner building has been left empty to accommodate… whatever Val desires.

For now just pics. It uses cc from ATS, Awesims and Mangosims (3 AMAZINGLY talented makers of stuff)

Ecclectic Dutch Colonial

This is the first lot I have made in forever. It was for a challenge at Miss Crumplebottom’s Attic to build a house for a family of 4 with at least 1 child. So I made a house that fits nicely in Friendship Cove. It is a Dutch Colonial with 2 BR and 2 BA. Here it is.

Coastal Living Challenge House

I made this house for the coastal Living Challenge at N99. The challenge is to remake any EA house in an open, easy coastal style.

The contest is still open if anyone is interested Check Here.
There is a great participation prize set made by Sandy at ATS.

I chose a house from Riverview to remake — the Toy Dachshund. I liked that it had a such a large side yard for entertaining.
I decided not to change the outside walls, but I did change everything else, and I added a deck on top of what used to be the garage.
30×20 lot. Uses Store Stuff and I have all EPs and SPs.

You can download it here..

Bootlegger’s Boardwalk

Made for Friendship Cove, the Bootlegger’s Boardwalk is a 45×64 Beach lot with tons to do. There is a spa with sauna and massage table, an arcade, a Nerd Shop, a (decorative for now) clothing store, and plenty of bathroom facilities. The Beach side of the boardwalk has all kinds of games. Uses Store Stuff. I have all EPs and SPs. If you don’t have Seasons the Boardwalk will be much emptier and quieter. Try downloading the Unfurnished Version and turn it into either apartments, or whatever kind of community lots you have the EP’s for.

Download Furnished Boardwalk Here
Unfurnished Boardwalk Here

If you have trouble with the sims3packs, try the package files. They are both in this .zip file: https://app.box.com/s/hfxk3xeiccxzqb305exv

Friendship Cove

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted many lots lately, its because I have been working on a bigger project with the folks at N99. A medium sized world with lots for all the EPs up to Island Paradise.

This New Englandy beach town was created in the spirit of generosity that sustains the Sims Community. No Sim is an island, or no one sims as an island, something like that. Its takes all of us to make this game work.

Friendship Cove was inspired by and uses the height map of Castaway Cove made by Cameranutz II at Sims Crossing.

Julia at N99 loved Castaway Cove from its very beginning, but with 10 EP’s the game has outgrown that tiny world. So we at N99 conspired together to design and create a new Castaway Cove.

We renamed it Friendship Cove in honor of the thing that keeps us simming year after year, EP after EP 🙂 So while Trystiane did the CAW work, the spirit and beauty of this world comes from all the great ladies at N99! A special shout out to Allears23 who made the starter residential houses in the hood, Max who remade her Colorbox Townhouse Shops cc-free for us, Grammycat who did the most detailed playtesting. Rose and Nyx provided technical and moral support to the CAWer. Have fun! Now for the pic spam

On the Exchange


Here are the CAW Files if you want them. Feel free to do whatever you want with the world, just don’t make someone pay for anything related to it.

Upscale Multi-Generation Beach House

This 4 BR, 3 BA Beach house has room for a multi-generational family. The exact composition of the family is up to you! It is a 20 x30 lot, made for the rear to face the beach, and uses no store content. I have all EP’s and SP’s.

Download on the Exchange

Oak Island Beach House

MizzRoseBud at N99 is building a great new medium sized world with lots of beaches. It will be perfect for Island Adventures! So, I have built a beach house just for her world, Oak Island. This 2 BR 3 BA house has a huge open living room for entertaining and lots of outdoor space and activities. I have all EP’s and SP’s, but there is no Store stuff on this lot.

Download Sims3pack Here

Now for Something Completely Different

I wanted to try building modern, but the closest I could get was this contemporary Spanish Colonial. 3 BR; 3 BA; Great Room; formal LR; Laundry and outdoor pool area. Bonus upstairs balcony off the master suite. Bar upstairs and downstairs because your sim is going to need to it when they get the bills for this place. Lot is residential, no third party cc. May contain store stuff. I have all EPs and XPs.

I should note I made this lot for a challenge at the EA forum, build a lot and get a donation made to the charity of your choice: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/656797.page

Sims3pack here
Package file here

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 1

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 2

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 3

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 4

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 5

This Old Colonial

I made this lot for a really wonderful woman named Brenda at N99. She is a really caring person who I admire for how gentle and accepting she is. This Old Colonial is a big house for a big family, it has everything they need to have fun at home including outdoor eating and playing, 4 BR 5 BA, Living room, Dining room and Family room. The older kids got to decorate their own rooms, so there is that 🙂

30X30. No cc. I have all the EPs and Stuff Packs. Contains some store stuff.

Download Sims3pack Here
Download package file Here

Lucky Palms The Par 10 Poolside Club

The 40 x 40 Par 10 Poolside Club was made to fit into the golf course area of Lucky Palms.  You will have to rezone the lot to community to place it.  You may prefer to rezone the lot to a pool if you want to use it during the day.  Has 2 late night bars, a karaoke machine and a DJ Booth.  Download Here.