Hanging in Paradise

Two Uploads in One Day!

How are you supposed to hang out in Isla Paradiso without a decent Hangout? (say that 10 times fast 🙂 ) 20 x 30 lot. by Trystiane. (if this looks suspisciously similar to my Cafe Cove, its because well, it is Cafe Cove made into a Hangout).

Download Sims3pack Here

Lucky Palms Julia Pier

The Julia Pier was made to fit down the middle of the pier area in Lucky Palms.  Create a 10 x 64 lot and zone it for community.  It is currently set as a hangout, but you can change it to visitors welcome or small park if you want a wider range of sims to visit.  To make a lot of your own size you either need Awesomemod installed or this neat little hack from MTS.   Download here.