Bootlegger’s Boardwalk

Made for Friendship Cove, the Bootlegger’s Boardwalk is a 45×64 Beach lot with tons to do. There is a spa with sauna and massage table, an arcade, a Nerd Shop, a (decorative for now) clothing store, and plenty of bathroom facilities. The Beach side of the boardwalk has all kinds of games. Uses Store Stuff. I have all EPs and SPs. If you don’t have Seasons the Boardwalk will be much emptier and quieter. Try downloading the Unfurnished Version and turn it into either apartments, or whatever kind of community lots you have the EP’s for.

Download Furnished Boardwalk Here
Unfurnished Boardwalk Here

If you have trouble with the sims3packs, try the package files. They are both in this .zip file:

Lucky Palms The Par 10 Poolside Club

The 40 x 40 Par 10 Poolside Club was made to fit into the golf course area of Lucky Palms.  You will have to rezone the lot to community to place it.  You may prefer to rezone the lot to a pool if you want to use it during the day.  Has 2 late night bars, a karaoke machine and a DJ Booth.  Download Here.