Tito’s Medieval Village (updated with link to lot)

I made a medieval village as Late Night Apartments for Tito from Tumblr and Miss Crumplebottoms, and she has agreed to share it 🙂

It is a 30 x 30 lot with a 1 BR 1 BA apartment, a “tavern” public space and a laundry.

The download has all the cc included as package files and sims3packs, but if you already have the items you don’t need to install them. Uses some Store stuff and was built with the following EPs: AMB LN GEN PETS SH SN UNI IP.

Here is the file!

Ecclectic Dutch Colonial

This is the first lot I have made in forever. It was for a challenge at Miss Crumplebottom’s Attic to build a house for a family of 4 with at least 1 child. So I made a house that fits nicely in Friendship Cove. It is a Dutch Colonial with 2 BR and 2 BA. Here it is.

The New Old Mine Saloon

This lot is “The Mine” from ITF turned into a Saloon, complete with poker tables from the store Casino set. How much more postmodern can it get? We play a game where we move pretend people through the world, and they move into the future where they enjoy themed entertainment based on their mythical past which doesn’t exist in the game (we have no “Old West” Sim EP), but does exist in our past. Who is real and who is not again? I have a headache. 40 x 40 Future Lounge. Download Here

The Derby Restaurant

More Friendship Cove goodness. This 30 x 30 lots uses the Bistro Set from the Store to make a colonial style restaurant for FC. I have all EPs. No third party cc.

Download from the Exchange

Manu Dragon Memorial Fountain

This 30 x 40 lot was made to go in the center park for Dragon Valley. There are a couple of great 64 x 64 seasons festival lots out there for DV, so it freed up that center space for something magnificent. My friend Manu taught me how to make these great fountains, so here it is! There are picnic tables and a grill, chess and dominoes, a playground for the kids and a nice gnub set. Oh, and the Vault of Antiquity of course. I have all EP’s and SP’s and I used store stuff.

Download Here

Damiano’s Ruins

I am LOVING Dragon Valley! In fact, I love it so much that I cancel out all you haters out there, so go ahead and hate for now. Hopefully IP will make all your dreams come true 🙂

So, DV came with this cool set of medieval ruins and stone walls that I couldn’t get my grubby hands on fast enough. Damiano’s Ruins is a 40 x 30 Small Park with a junkyard and restrooms in the basement. [I originally designated it as a junkyard, and you can too, but I found kids wouldn’t come to play unless I made it a small park.]

Here is is on the Exchange

There is lots of stuff to do, you can buy relics to support the Dragon Valley “Present” Society (get it?), play in the sand box on or the dragon riders, play chess, star gaze, get photos takes, kiss some handsome boys, have a small concert on the Nightlife stage. There is also a Fairy Tree. It looks really cool on full moon night with Zombies.

You can place the lot wherever you like of course, but I put mine down in the middle of nowhere in DV (as shown in the 3rd from last pic). You might put a tent on it for scary overnight camping.

I used the grill instead of a food stand because the food stands can’t be made to fit in as medieval looking. HOWEVER, if you use cc, I would highly recommend Sandy’s food stands which can be recolored to fit the theme:
Here they are for Seasons: http://www.aroundthesims3.com/objects/room_downtown_31.shtml
Here they are for folks without Seasons: http://www.aroundthesims3.com/objects/room_downtown_19.shtml
[Sandy at Around the Sims has lots of items that work well in medieval worlds, so look around her site for goodies]

1968 Split Level

Laurie at N99 requested a Sims version of her Grandparent’s house that they bought in 1968. She has fond memories of sleeping in the basement. I’ve decorated in late 60’s style to go with the vibe of it all. It was lots of fun. We had some close family friends when I was a kid who had basically this same house! Oh to have those salaries back again! This lot is 40 x 40 3-4 BR 3 BA, basement rec room, 2 car garage. I have all EP’s and SP’s and the lot uses store stuff.

Download Sims3pack Here

This Old Farmhouse

EA gave us the chicken coop, so I had to make a farmhouse to put it on!  I am so owned by that corporation, its terribly shameful.  But there is a nice farm couple to live there too:  Dick and Bobby Brown are Eco-friendly, Animal Loving, Vegetarian Farmers:  The Brown Boys (EA apparently has forgotten that the name Dick is a name and has hidden the offensive letters from you).  Here is the Lot as a Sims3pack and as a package file.  30 x 30, 3 BR, 3 BA, Big eat in kitchen, giant garden, chicken coop and attic.


This Old Farmhouse (1)

This Old Farmhouse (2)

This Old Farmhouse (3)

This Old Farmhouse (4)

This Old Farmhouse (5)

This Old Farmhouse (6)

This Old Farmhouse (7)

This Old Farmhouse (8)

This Old Farmhouse (9)

This Old Farmhouse (10)

This Old Farmhouse (11)

This Old Farmhouse (12)

This Old Farmhouse (13)

This Old Farmhouse (14)

This Old Farmhouse (15)

This Old Farmhouse (16)

This Old Farmhouse (17)

This Old Farmhouse (18)

This Old Farmhouse (19)

This Old Farmhouse (20)

This Old Farmhouse (21)

Now for Something Completely Different

I wanted to try building modern, but the closest I could get was this contemporary Spanish Colonial. 3 BR; 3 BA; Great Room; formal LR; Laundry and outdoor pool area. Bonus upstairs balcony off the master suite. Bar upstairs and downstairs because your sim is going to need to it when they get the bills for this place. Lot is residential, no third party cc. May contain store stuff. I have all EPs and XPs.

I should note I made this lot for a challenge at the EA forum, build a lot and get a donation made to the charity of your choice: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/656797.page

Sims3pack here
Package file here

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 1

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 2

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 3

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 4

Contemporary Spanish Colonial 5

Bexleyheath Library

My friend Jenie at N99 requested a new library.  When I asked what kind of theme or style she said, “Oh, I don’t know just something different” she said.

She also said I could use any store stuff I wanted!  So I looked around my objects and thought…

Oh!  The Arts and Crafts Store Set is really cool, and I use bits and pieces of it all the time, but I have never used it all together

So, I bring you the Bexleyheath Library.  This 30 x 30 library was inspired by The Red House in Bexleyheath, UK. The Arts and Crafts Style home of William Morris was built in the late 1800’s. The Arts and Crafts Movement stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms, medieval, romantic or folk styles of decoration. They also wanted to make the world a more humane place.  I have all EPs and this lot contains Store Stuff.

Download the Sims3pack Here or the package file here.


In the backyard is an English Garden fit for a fairy, or a  dreamer of fairies.




Inside on the ground floor entrance.



The Children’s Section specializes in teaching about indigenous sims. 




The children’s library is open to the upstairs balcony


So parents can chat and have coffee while keeping an eye on the youngsters below


The Coffee Bar (DYI, of course)


The rest of the upstairs



Overview Shots