Renovations for Midnight Hollow

I’ve been tinkering around with Midnight Hollow and I thought I’d share. These aren’t full builds, just edits of EA lots. Midnight Hollow has great buildings.

Here is the “For Lease” Lot with a bunch of gothic stuff for sale. I barely changed anything except to put stuff on the sale shelves, etc so I didn’t take pictures.

Here is the “For Rent” lot from Midnight Hollow made over into a Miss Kitty’s House of Gadgets, a steampunk store. I did more decorating in the lot.

And finally, a more extensive remake of the Gloomy Garden. I liked the ruined tower and wall of the garden, so I kept them, but added plants from all EP’s (except mushrooms), a Wedding Spot, some bathrooms, and a fire pit. (This one is on Box net for now).

I use store stuff and have all EP’s. Anything you do not have in your game will be replaced with base game items if you install it.

Steampunk Fairies: 2 lots and a sim

My good friend Slip at N99 was cool enough to add a sim of me to her neighborhood. Being the crazy lady she is, she made me a steampunk fairy and then challenged me to build a lot for myself and my potential future steampunk fairy family.

So I made this 30 x 30 lot that sleeps 2 adult, 1 child and 1 toddler fairy.

Although rare, the fairy inventor who dreams of a steampunk past/future does exist. And this is the perfect home for her. With 2 and half baths, indoor and outdoor eating, a full garden and a nice workbench your steampunk fairy will thrive.

Download Sims3pack here or package file here

So that I wouldn’t be the only one of my kind, I made another steampunk fairy, Eleanor Clumberbatty and a smaller house for her.

Eleanor Clumberbatty sims3pack here or package file here

Smaller Steampunk Fairy Lot sims3pack here or package file here